15 ianuary 2021

Tenerife is a special destination in many ways. One of them is the fact that each service provider on the island has its own personality, trying to outline unique experiences for tourists. Many of the hotels and restaurants are special precisely because their ambiance is incomparable.

The experience that tourists have is influenced by their reaction to certain stimuli. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, but also the sense of touch influences the creation in the human mind of perceptions related to the environment.

The physical environment in which certain services areprovided can be characterized by elements such as: environmental conditions, functionality, layout and design. It turns out the characteristics that attract the most attention from tourists and researchers are atmospheric features such as temperature, air quality, noise, music, lighting and smell.Among these, music, smell, colors and lighting play an important role too.

Victoria GF is a five-star hotel where responsibility for the environment is essential. All the hotel areas are large, open and full of decorative plants. White is the basic color in defining both interior and exterior design. The common spaces, the lobby and the reception are decorated in white, surrounded by many plants. The sofas and the comfortable chairs, which are brightly coloredto contrast the white design, spread energy and a good mood to the tourists. The restaurant is defined by a modern design in which both white furniture and the dishes are highlighted by decorative lights.The halls are wide, access to the rooms is easy no matter what part of the complex you are in. The rooms are equipped with simplistic furniture, but spacious enough. An interesting piece of furniture in the rooms is a kitchenette. The bathrooms are decorated in light colors and cleverly arranged.
TENERIFE - unique environments that define special experiences
Bahia del Duque is another five-star hotel located on the sea shore. It has as a peculiarity both the positioning and the arrangement of the space. This is the smaller representation of a Canarian village arranged in stages, being twinned with Playa del Duque. Crossing the entire complex, tourists can feel the atmosphere specific to the Canarianarea, created through the buildings built in the traditional style, the village churchand also through the decorative details that contain elements customized to the local traditions.At the same time, the rooms are similarly arranged, in warm colors and with decorations with local motifs. The lobby-reception area is very welcoming, spacious, decorated with specific plants and trees; this is the first sign that inspires tourists to take the local responsibility for the environment and make it their own.

The Royal Hideaway CoralesSuitesbyBarcelo Hotel Group, consists of two approximately similar hotels, decorated in the same modern and simplistic style, one of which is for adults only. The decoration of these hotels is based on white and gray. Their uniqueness comes both from the positioning (close to the ocean, overlooking Playa La Caleta and Play from Enramada) and from the architectural style.

The lobby-reception area is a special one, being similar to the entrance to a cave, which determines that this space is cool, tourists can relax here on very hot days. The rooms are very spacious, decorated in white and gray, some of them benefiting from a terrace with a swimming pool. The hotel’s pools and restaurants are also defined by a simple, relaxing design, where tourists can relax throughout the day.

All the listed hotels are five-star hotels, ranked at the same level of comfort. Therefore, all these hotels practice approximately similar rates, with similar ratings on Booking, so their ambiance is the only element of differentiation, depending on the choice of the tourists for the experience they want to outline on vacation.

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