6 sept 2020

Doctor Arety Candide Dinulescu, President of the Romanian Pathological Anatomical  Society, with a noble soul and young forever, an excellent artist herself, insisted on me  visiting the exhibition held at the Military National Circle by the Romanian-American Maestro Mircea Paul Goreniuc.

As I entered the painting and sculpture exhibition I felt spellbound.  Master Goreniuc started his art   at 18 years old, sculpting  Romanian folklore characters and masks from tree roots  as an untrained artist with just the talent given by God.  He left the country in 1970 with a personal exhibition of root carvings invited by  T.A.M.S. Art Gallery of Munich and decided to stay forever in Federal Germany in order to study art.

After working as a laborer, for one dollar an hour, 10 hours a day, smashing   concrete with a jackhammer  for the future underground subway for the Olympic Games of 1974, and later on as a plumbers helper, Mircea  Paul Goreniuc was accepted by the famous Akademie der Bildenden Kunste ( Academy of Fine Arts) and offered   a foreign student scholarship that ensured  him a room in the student dorms,(much better than sleeping in the attic of a cheap hotel)   free travel permit on local transportation and  access to the student canteen.

All this proved again that he was protected and led by God.

But, let me resume my  presentation of the exhibition.

The sculptures and paintings exposed at the Art Gallery of the National Military Circle seem to be fragments of the art of Heaven thrown on Earth by God as a glory to  the creative mind of man, of his soul, for mankind and immortality.

As the Master received three university degrees, BA,(SFSU) MA (Master of Arts), and MFA (Master of Fine Arts in sculpture),at SJSU, during his 50 years career, he was recognized on the international level as an original and inventive sculptor and painter, with works in bronze and steel that are in permanent collections in American towns and even in  Beijing China. The International  Sculpture Park of Beijing proudly  displays his work awarded  with the- First Price of Excellence -and purchased by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Beijing  in anticipation of the Olympic Games of 2008.

So,  if  in the seventies the Master was laboring 15 m below ground at the  tunnel  that was to facilitate the  transportation by subway  during the Olympic Games of 1974, in a  thick dust, exhausting 10 hours a day, in 2002 he was installing his own permanent steel sculpture, 3x3x3 m, named- SPACE DANCE FOR PEACE-, for  the  future Olympic Games of 2008, in the Beijing International Sculpture Park.

Again, this coincidence shows the hand of God!

As I told the Master that I intend to write about his show in the newspaper “Dacia Nemuritoare”, (Dacia forever alive), his eyes lightened up  and he showed  me in his phone some white-black photos with him riding a Lipizzan stallion, as he was a member of the 16 stuntmen, crew of “Dacians”, for the movie “The Dacians”  directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu.

We started to talk vividly on top of each other, about the time we were in our  twenties  Choked by admiration and the luck to have  met his art and the patriot “Dacian”, me  as a film colleague - as I took part in the same movie,  as a  standbye, my steps crossed the hall of  the exhibition.

Master Goreniuc succeeded through his art to bring light as the rays  of the sun with  acrylic paint on silk, inspired by the cosmic images sent by the Hubble Telescope from deep space ,to create cast bronze portrait busts of Romanian personalities like His Majesty  Mihai 1 King of romanians,and his wife Queen Ana, of unbelievable resemblance, and create projects  of  abstract outdoor sculptures,all of them having as theme,peace on Earth.

Peace, says the artist, is like the  air- we do not appreciate it unless we do not have it any more.

Ever since 1965, the well-known artist Neagu Radulescu foresaw the future of the Master and wrote: “The young sculptor Mircea Paul Goreniuc is noticed, at first glance, as an original .” He discovered within the extravagance of his vivid root sculptures an extraordinary art media that surpasses in fantasy the works of Hieronimus Bosch or Ensor.

And, above all, floats the incomparable magic of our folklore, as his art adsorbs its vital sap from this legendary land that lies by the Danube river.

In the summer of 1968, Fanus Neagu wrote about their first meeting. “In 1968 entered my office a tall young man, handsome, as if born under the Gate of Kiss, carrying two backpaks  full  with roots carvings. He filled my table and chairs with his creations ,  carved  from tree roots, with scenes inspired out of the fairy tales of the Romanian folklore , loaded with   the mysteries of the underworld  telling their story by the voice of the wood, with faces that boil in the sills of the dream, guarded by beauty and immortality. Goreniuc does not follow anyone’s steps, he believes in his own artistic experience and his esthetic surgery is worth to be praised.

In 2019, Master Goreniuc, member of the Union of the Plastic Artists, of Romania, held two personal exhibitions in Bucharest, one at the Simeza Gallery and one at the National Military Circle, Art Gallery, both presented by Mr.Radu Mihai Boroianu,  former Romanian Ambassador  to  Switzerland, Minister of Culture, Senator, State Secretary and Art Critic.     

I quote some impressions left by the  visitors in  the Exhibition Comments Book:

“ Impressive, genuine, true! Congratulations for Master Goreniuc!”

“ I nourished my soul with this exhibition.  Congratulations for Maestro”

“ It is for the first time I could love sculpture, it takes a special power to express oneself, and you succeeded. The exhibition theme is so authentic that one understands it without words. You are a world Master with good Romanian roots. Our visit to Bucharest benefits every year of culture and art events. Thank you and we wish you success and good health. With admiration, Heck family of Germany.

“ I was impressed by this wonderful exhibition of works achieved with a lot of talent and the soul of a genius. Thank you for everything and I wish you much success.”

“ I could no longer speak as I was so strongly impressed. All the personalities are a success, they are excellent, but also the peace works are genuine and unforgettable.”

“ Master, we sincerely envy you for what started and took shape - this grain of the divine out of your big soul.”

“ A good exhibition, monumental works full of ideas and grace.”

“ The exhibition of the sculptor Mircea Paul Goreniuc is extremely beautiful. The artist is a genius of art, a talent that brought joy in my soul. Perfectly organized, The artist deserves a distinguished place in the international art! Good health and happiness in your activity, joy and thanks for this exhibition!”

In 2019 only two Romanian artists were selected to show their works in the Chinese National Fine  Art Museum, during the 8th International Art Biennale in Beijing,

Artists from 130 countries were invited after being juried by a Chinese Jury and an European one.Their names must be mentioned with  a  National pride , as they are National assets.

Virginia Videa and Mircea Paul Goreniuc..

Give  them  the  deserved homage and congratulations !

art critic
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