5th November 2022

Similar to many novels, in Serbia, time seems to have „endless patience”. The places have a warm and welcoming energy and the locals welcome you with their all.

Goran Bregović, Novak Djokovic, Nikola Tesla, Emir Kusturica, are names that testify the performance of so many different fields, originating from the country crossed by the Danube.

A country that has recovered and continues to develop astonishingly after the atrocities of the 1999 bombings, represents a success model from an economic point of view, and especially from a touristic and cultural point of view. The special gastronomy, combined with the wines specific to the area, add flavour to the quality of life lived at leisure. In fact, Serbs are promoters of peace, of living in the present moment.

During October 24-30, an official press delegation was invited to discover Serbia’s tourist treasures. The Vrnjačka Banja balneal-climatic resort - an area similar to the already famous Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic - hosting four thermal and mineral springs and where various pathologies such as rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases are treated; and which offers countless preventive treatments; cities like Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture in 2022 and prestigious university center; Belgrade - the capital of Serbia - nicknamed „the city that never sleeps”, a metropolis that houses approximately 70,000 students; exclusive mountain resorts such as Kopaonik - which hosts an impressive ski area with an infrastructure of ski lifts and chair lifts to match, luxurious hotels such as Viceroy Hotel and Resorts, Grand Hotel and Gorski Hotel, all with excellent SPA and wellness services; and important wine regions - were part of the country’s presentation agenda, to which numerous cultural edifices, churches and museums were added. This tour was made possible by the kindness and professionalism of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, the exceptional travel guide Simonida Popov-Dihovicni, Air Serbia national airline - through Lidija Radic and Jelena Stankovic - PR Manager Visit Belgrade.

During the visit, discussions were held both with tourism officials - Marija Labović - director of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, as well as with hotel directors and resort managers, in order to find new opportunities to promote Serbia in the Romanian press, along with debates about the current situation of tourism in Serbia. About all of the above: specific destinations and topics, specially dedicated materials will follow in the next period.

What we can learn from our Serbian neighbors:

• Authenticity remains the key factor in tourism performance

• Cultural heritage is the basic cell from which all other internal and international promotion methods develop

• The unwavering appreciation and consequent presentation of royalty and Orthodox Faith, are some of the biggest advantages in distinguishing themselves from other destinations

• Collaboration between the actors of the same tourism field leads to a higher rate of success and notoriety, both on a private and collective level, at the regional level.

Official Romanian press delegation invited to discover the beauties of Serbia
Serbia - the land that conquers (you) with authenticity
Romanian press delegation together with Lidija Radic - Commercial Representative Air Serbia, Jelena Stankovic - PR Manager Visit Belgrade, Simonida Popov-Dihovicni - tour guide
The statue of Stefan Nemania - one of the great leaders of Serbia - canonized by the Serbian Orthodox Church under the name of Saint Simeon
Nikola Tesla portrait - Nikola Tesla Museum Belgrade
Inside pool - Grand Hotel Kopaonik
Marija Labovic - Director National Tourism Organisation Serbia
Viceroy Hotel Kopaonik
Gorski Hotel Kopaonik
Tarpoš Winery
Saint Sava Church Belgrade
Belgrade - seen from the Danube cruise ship
Promovam  performanta  economica!
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Promovam  performanta  economica!
Editie electronica a publicatiei Top Business - 
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Promovam  performanta  economica!
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