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On 31 December2019, the National Bank of  Romania’s foreign exchange

reserves stood at EUR 32,926 million, compared to EUR33,817 million on


During the month, the following flows were recorded:

· EUR 2,197 million worth ofinflows representing changes in credit

institutions’foreign currency-denominate drequired reserves, inflows

into the Ministry of Public Finance’saccounts,inflows into the

European Commission’s accountand other;

· EUR 3,088 million worth of outflows representing changes in credit

institutions’ foreign currency-denominated required reserves,

interest payments and principal repayments on foreign currency

public debt,and other.

The gold stock remained steady at 103.6 tonnes. However, following the

change in the international price of gold, its value amounted to EUR 4,524


On 31 December2019,Romania’sinternational reserves (foreign currencies

and gold) stood at EUR 37,450 million, compared to EUR 38,228 million on 30

November 2019.

During January 2020, the payments due on the foreign currency-

denominated public and publicly guaranteed debt amount to approximately

EUR 67million.


The next press release on international reserves will be issued on 3

February 2020.See the release calendar at:


Press release archive:


The National Bank of Romania
International reserves - December 2019
The outsourcing
in Romania
reached almost
800 million euros
in 2019
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By constantly enhancing its digital communication toolbox, the National

Bank of Romania aims to engage new audiences so as to improve the

information of the general public regarding the central bank’s activity.

This Instagram account will stand out from the other social media channels

currently used by the NBR (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) by promoting eye-

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The NBR’s initiative to use this social network not only ties in with similar

steps taken by other European central banks, but also keeps up with the

latest digital trends.                                                                                 

We invite you to follow us on Instagram starting today, 16 December 2019,

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